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she is classically trained and I've heard some teachers say she doesn't have good posture but she is dancing so of course it isn't perfect. I went to one of her concerts back in July I also got to meet her and she is amazing to see perform live.


Gosh, if you guys keep asking about Sterling I’m going to have to go on a Sterling binge in order to give better answers.
Yeah, I’ve heard that she’s classically trained. But you’re right, obviously she’s not going to have the best posture because she’s always dancing. But they could be talking about her posture when she’s standing fairly still. I don’t know enough.
I would love to see her live, that would be quite an experience!

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what is your opinion on Lindsey Stirling? [personally I think she's amazing]


Haha it’s funny you asked this because I just queued a post for her…
But anyways, I haven’t actually listened to her music- I really want to, I just haven’t had the chance yet- but I think she’s quite amazing.
She has changed the definition of performing for violinists, in my opinion. With her, performing is not just the sound that is produced, it is also visuals. It’s the interesting ways you move your body. The combination of performing with both your body and your instrument makes for a show that really grabs the attention of the audience. And I think that’s awesome.
In short, I like her.

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I’m looking for another administrator!
There are no official requirements for being an admin- no audition tapes, no tests, nada. Just let me know how many years you’ve been playing and give me some information on your experience as a musician.
That’s all!!! Please please please apply!

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It’s really nice to go on a leave and come back with over 1,000 followers! Thank you all for being such wonderful followers :)
Keep playing 🎻

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